About Uncovered

A Note from Our Founder.

Breast cancer wasn’t something I thought much about five years ago. Then my grandmother was diagnosed.

Then my mother.

The weekend before my mom received her first bout of chemotherapy, we stayed up late watching YouTube videos on How to Tie Your Headscarf and Applying False Lashes. If you didn’t know better, it could have been any mother-daughter scene. We laughed — or tried to. We drank wine — because, hello, cancer sucks.

We bought at-home facials, new scarves, and did some serious damage during an Ulta haul. I tried my damnedest to make it fun for my mom that night. But the countless hours of searching for the perfect book or blog on lifestyle tips for women going through cancer treatment had turned up nothing.

Chemo-friendly recipes and wig care are odd things to focus on during a time like that. But If I’m being honest, most of the terminology of cancer was lost on me initially. Listening to my parents recount her oncology appointments sounded more like an algebra class I didn’t understand than something living and growing inside of my mom.

Clearly I’m not a medical professional. I am, however, a daughter. And while I couldn’t (and still, unfortunately, can’t) cure cancer, I could remind my mom how beautiful she is.

On that night though, sitting there with the woman who taught me how to be a woman, I felt helpless. My mom is never helpless though. She’s amazing. When I turned to her and said that I was sorry, that I wish I could give her something to put her mind at ease, she smiled and said, “Well, I guess you’ll just have to create it.”

See, pretty amazing, right?

I pray that one day, sooner rather than later, no daughter ever again has to have a night like that. But in the meantime, I created Uncovered, for my mom and yours. I hope it helps.

–    Chay Hughes,
Founder of Uncovered

Our Mission

At Uncovered our goal is to give women going through cancer treatment the tools they need to feel beautiful. And not in a metaphysical, self-help kind of way. We take more of a literal “cancer sucks, but here’s how-to-blow-dry-your-new- wig anyways” approach.

Don’t get us wrong. No one’s saying that looking like a vixen should rank high on your list of priorities while undergoing cancer treatment. But looking like yourself? That’s pretty important.

We provide lifestyle resources, including how-to videos, informative articles and inspiring stories to both current and past patients, as well as their families.